Automated Car Storage And Retrieval System


Looking for parking space is a hassle, especially in metropolitan areas. A new way to make the process easier is the premium parking spaces, the wave of the future, the Automated Parking System. This mechanical system is designed to provide parking on multiple levels by stacking cars vertically to minimize the usage of valuable land, and maximize the number of parking spaces.

The Automated Parking System doubles or triples (in the case of tower parking systems) the capacity of parking in the same available space designated for a traditional parking garage. The convenient and user friendly cutting edge technology is excellent to be used in high-end luxury condominiums, offices, hospitals, shopping centers, universities, airports, manufacturing plans, stations, etc.

The International Parking System (IPS), with its state-of-the-art technology, opens new windows to any development by adding value to the project. This is accomplished through:

 - Reduction of development cost

 - Maximizing revenue by generation of space

 - Optimizing cost of total operation

How the system works

The driver uses a remote control garage door opener, pulls the car into the building, turns the car off, swipes an identification card/key, and exits the system. The computerized automated system takes over the control of the car and relocates it to a designated space. For retrieving, the system brings the car to the entrance cabin and the garage door automatically opens. The driver sits in their car and exits the system; it’s as simple as that.

No need for a valet driver, No bumping to concrete columns, No dents or scratches….

Save Time, Fuel/Energy and maximize Safety/Security

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